At Australian Capital Computers, we provide a range of tiered IT packages to help you manage your technology.

Using our integrated RMM software, Atera, we aim to keep your PC up to date, secure and safe with our monthly maintenance package.

The cost of this package is $15 per PC per month, and $15 per server (Bare Metal and/or Virtual) per month.

With our RMM package, we will:


  • Provide you with an industry leading Anti-Virus solution, Webroot SecureAnywhere Endpoint
  • Automatically update Windows on a scheduled basis, with included System Restore points and automatic or manual reboot.
  • Automatically update Adobe and Java on a scheduled basis.
  • Monitor your PC for hardware errors, including lack of system space, CPU temperatures etc. We will alert you and offer fixes in the event of failure.
  • Allow for Remote Connections from our Support Package.


With our RMM package, you will also have access to our Support Package, which aims to bring your monthly support costs down. We do this by offering a bulk discount on an estimated monthly usage, and continue to adjust this package as your needs fit. The Support Package provides you with:

  • Fixed monthly cost based on an estimate of the support required.
  • 9am-5pm Monday-Friday Support
  • Cheaper Business Hours Remote Support Rates
  • 5pm-9am After Hours Support

We are currently working on pricing for the Support Package.

Lastly, with our RMM package you have access to our Online Backup System. Using Atera’s Online Backup Solution, provided by DataShield and hosted on MS Azure, we will provide you with a robust backup solution capable of the following:


  • Daily Virtual hard Drive snapshots – easily bring your entire server back from a complete disaster into a Virtual System
  • Daily Online backups to MS Azure – Backup your files, databases and system states online
  • Online Encryption – We will encrypt all your online data and provide you with the encryption key


Pricing is $0.25 USD per GB of data backed up.